How to earn 20 KFC Snax point daily

Are you a member of the KFC Snax? Never hear of that before? You need to register one as it just a card like bonuslink card where you can earn point when you purchase KFC meal, give comment on KFC Snax page, and etc. How Cool is that. You can register yourself an account in KFC Snax page, and it totally Free. ( 🙂 We always love free stuff)

What I want to share here is a trick to earn 20 SP (KFC Snax point) daily without spending any money and it only take 5 seconds to do so. Amazing right?

Step 1) Log into the KFC Snax portal

Step 2) After log in, you are able to see the page as below

Step 3)
Here come the trick, just click as many time on the SNAX Logo there, you can earn up to 20 SP (KFC Snax point) per days

ps: 1 SP (KFC Snax point) is equal to only RM 0.04 😛 But better than no point. LOL
You can check here for how to redeem your SP.

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