Limited Edition Green BonusLink Card

有BonusLink Card吗? 如果你有BonusLink Card, 你可以考虑转变你的卡至Green BonusLink Card. 什么是Green BonusLink Card? 如何得到它? 你只需要捐赠你的500 bonuslink point, 你将拥有Limited Edition Green BonusLink Card. 而你的那500 bonuslink point将捐赠给Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)大马自然学会作为保护霹雳州Belum-Temengor森林(Hutan Belum)的基金.

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KFC hot & spicy is back on 5 July 2010

Wahahaha :)……Finally you are back, hot & spicy . “Hot Black Pepper” is really no nice at all. A lot of complaint from us about this “Hot Black Pepper”, please no come out again with other type of Fried Chicken. Please lah!!!! No more Curry Fried Chicken, Black Pepper Fried Chicken, Fiery Crunch Fried Chicken and etc. We Malaysian is loyalty to hot & spicy, because it understand what our taste is, WE Love Hot & Spicy!!!! NO more weird type of Fried Chicken anymore. (Wasabi Fried Chicken, I know there is Wasabi McChicken in Singapore)

I Need Your HELP!!!!

I need your help!!!!!! I no need your money! I no need your time! I no need your hug!!!! But I need your click!! Yes, mouse click!! Just Click on then it will help me. Please Click as many time as you can. When you go sleep, click once. Wake up, click once. Lunch, click once. Of course as many time as possible will be great. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

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