KFC Snak Box Contest

KFC Snax 上两个月举办了KFC Snak Box Contest来推广KFC的新产品KFC Snak Box. 为期五周的比赛, 每周送出100份KFC Snak Box礼券. 如何赢呢?你只需要在KFC Snax 首页玩KFC Snak Box Contest游戏, 你将控制一只鬼王(比较像PACMAN的鬼), 引导小鬼回家, 你需要引导尽可能越多的小鬼回家. 我的最佳纪录是47只小鬼, 总分是11,470 🙂

其实此竞赛在8月24日已结束, 成绩一直没有公布, 我几乎忘记它了. 今天看到KFC MalaysiaFacebook推广KFC的产品KFC Snak Box才让我想起 🙂 然后当然去问问看第五周的比赛成绩. 哈哈, 他们也忘记了 🙂 幸亏有我提醒, 否则就当没有了这个事. 也幸亏KFC Malaysia还有保留成绩纪录.

最后一星期的Top 100成绩, 我的名字列在名单里 🙂
KFC SnackBox ‘Let’s Go Snacking’ Contest Winners (Week 5: 18th August – 24th August)

KFC Snak Box Contest的奖品是Avanza一辆………我也想!!!!!哈哈, 奖品只是KFC Snak Box礼券 🙂 但我喜欢那种取胜的感觉, 奖品是其次 🙂 只是喜欢享受竞赛过程的乐趣.

Let’s Go Snacking : ROUND 2!

Limited Edition Green BonusLink Card

有BonusLink Card吗? 如果你有BonusLink Card, 你可以考虑转变你的卡至Green BonusLink Card. 什么是Green BonusLink Card? 如何得到它? 你只需要捐赠你的500 bonuslink point, 你将拥有Limited Edition Green BonusLink Card. 而你的那500 bonuslink point将捐赠给Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)大马自然学会作为保护霹雳州Belum-Temengor森林(Hutan Belum)的基金.

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How to earn 20 KFC Snax point daily

Are you a member of the KFC Snax? Never hear of that before? You need to register one as it just a card like bonuslink card where you can earn point when you purchase KFC meal, give comment on KFC Snax page, and etc. How Cool is that. You can register yourself an account in KFC Snax page, and it totally Free. ( 🙂 We always love free stuff)

What I want to share here is a trick to earn 20 SP (KFC Snax point) daily without spending any money and it only take 5 seconds to do so. Amazing right?

Step 1) Log into the KFC Snax portal

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KFC hot & spicy is back on 5 July 2010

Wahahaha :)……Finally you are back, hot & spicy . “Hot Black Pepper” is really no nice at all. A lot of complaint from us about this “Hot Black Pepper”, please no come out again with other type of Fried Chicken. Please lah!!!! No more Curry Fried Chicken, Black Pepper Fried Chicken, Fiery Crunch Fried Chicken and etc. We Malaysian is loyalty to hot & spicy, because it understand what our taste is, WE Love Hot & Spicy!!!! NO more weird type of Fried Chicken anymore. (Wasabi Fried Chicken, I know there is Wasabi McChicken in Singapore)